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Wire Mesh Partitions

2 River Supply is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality standard and custom wire mesh partitions for security, storage, and safety. The design and quality of our products, delivered with our goal of building long-lasting relationships, are what sets us apart from everyone else. 

Why Choose Our Metal Fabricators for Your Metal Mesh Products?


Wire mesh, also referred to as wire cloth or wire fabric, is an extremely versatile product that has thousands of applications. Wire mesh partitions are used to create separation between spaces in commercial settings for storage and security needs. At 2 River Supply, we specialize in wire partitions used for warehouses, athletic equipment storage, security cages, animal kennels, machine guards, tenant storage lockers, tool cribs, gear lockers, stairways, window guards, and more. Plus, our metal fabricators can customize a partition for any application.


Benefits of our wire mesh partitions include:


Durability. Made from premium steel, they’re extremely strong and sturdy. They are available for Standard Duty and Heavy Duty applications.


Visibility. Compared to solid barriers, our wire partitions offer visibility needed for monitoring cargo, data, animals, valuables and more.

Airflow. The wire mesh openings allow air to flow more efficiently, providing enhanced ventilation to insure a longer life for your products. 

Versatility. They're lightweight, and easy to install, modify, and relocate.

Customization. Our design team can custom-design a partition that meets your needs.

When Do You Need Wire Mesh Infill Panels?


Wire mesh is a popular choice when making infill panels for railing systems due to its aesthetic capabilities, strength, and functionality. Our wire mesh infill panels are available in woven or welded mesh varieties, expended metal, and perforated steel providing a unique look that serves as an effective protective barrier in residential, commercial, education, institutional and even industrial applications.


Contact Us to Learn More


If you have any questions for our metal fabricators and designers or you're ready to move forward with a wire mesh partition, contact us today.

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